Key West – B. Pirate!


Last night after the seas marginally calmed, Adam and I got have some romantic time as we snuggled in a blanket under the stars and let the boat drive us to the Keys. We have discovered how to balance the sails and the ship so that we barely have to touch the wheel. Even in gigantic, heaving seas. When I think of how we fought the boat that first night I can see how far we have come. We have all become exceedingly better sailors. Even Boatcat.

As we came into Key West today, a place I have been looking forward to for over a year, I was struck with how much has changed in just the last 10 days. Coming into harbor was dramatic. There were parasailors, jet skis, sailboats, huge catamarans, charter boats, massive carnival cruise line ships, barges, dingys and more and more and more all converging on this one area of this one little island. After bobbing and sailing through the sea for 10 days with nothing as far as we could see, it all seemed extremely chaotic. Lots and lots of stimulation.

The people are very nice. I hope we don’t stay here long. It’s a cute little tourist town but let me tell you, I have fallen head over heels in love with sailing. If only I could convince Adam to not go back to work we could keep going! Just keep sailing till we get back to where we started by going the long way.



We took Bill out for a night on the town. It’s definitely a night life sort of place but ironically it’s exactly like New Orleans where we spent the last 7 months. The same street performers, the same kinds of big churches, the same bars, souvenirs shops, drinks and clubs. There’s pretty balconies (though to Key West’s credit people aren’t pegging us in face with beads from them). There are the same late night pizza places, the same one street everyone parties on, the same homeless people. So now we call Key West Tropical New Orleans. I’m not complaining, I loved New Orleans.

I have noticed that we drop the fact that we sailed here into every conversation we can. We are proud of ourselves. And slightly narcissistic. And people’s reactions are quite validating. Especially when we tell them we came from Minnesota. What a trip it has all been. What a good idea it all was.

In fact talking about the adventure that it has all been, the other day, one of us cried. And not the one you’d expect.


IMG_20160404_131121158 (1)     Oh beer!!

Bill has been an exceptional companion. He never, in the entire 2 weeks he was with us, complained about even one thing. He took the good and the bad with a lot of Bring It On. He said good morning to the boom every single day when he hit his head on it.

Wave after wave he added so much to our trip and we are grateful to have had him. Though we couldn’t convince him to quit his job and stay forever, I know he’ll be back.

He is an exceptional pirate


Here is a list of things pirates don’t care about;
-Smelly toilets.
-Being bruised and sore from head to toe.
-What the ship’s cook cooks; salty mush, no meat other then fish.
-Warm beer.
-Being utterly and completely exhausted.
-Close quarters.
-Being dirty; clothes, body, space.
-Knowing what day or time it is.
-Having no cell service or WiFi.
-Having a schedule.
-Seeing land.
-Being extremely uncomfortable.
-Not being at marinas.

Pirates know the adventure, the story, the unknown, the pounding in their chest, is the only thing that truly matters.

What an adventure.